Chevy Chase Wanted for VACATION Reboot

Horrible Bosses screenwriters John Francis Daley and Jonathan Goldstein are currently in the process of developing a reboot/sequel for National Lampoon's Vacation. It was also recently reported that Ed Helms might end up taking the role of Rusty Griswald, the son of Chevy Chase's character Clark. My one hope for this movie is that Chase would come back to reprise his role. 

I'm happy to report that the directors want Chase and co-star Beverly D'Angelo to have a place in the film, which will follow Clark Griswold’s son Rusty, who's all grown up with a family of his own, as he takes them on vacation just like Dad did. Daley had this to say about the project in a statement to THR,

It is something that we've been warned not to screw up. We have confidence that there's still a lot to tell in the story of the Griswolds. And we've been involved with it for so long, it felt like the natural next step to direct.

There'll be no recasting, except for the fact that Rusty will now be grown up. We don't know who will be playing him, but we intend to have a part for Clark Griswold. Chevy, we're hoping he'll be down to come back -- and Beverly D'Angelo as well.

This movie wouldn't be the same without them, so it would be great if they decide to come back for another vacation. It's also revealed in this statement that they don't know who will be playing Rusty yet, but I would like to Helms end up in the role. I think he would be great. I wouldn't mind seing Ryan Reynolds as Rusty either. I really hope this new film lives up to the classically hilarious franchise. 

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