THE EXORCIST Being Adapted into a TV Series

TV The Exorcist by Joey Paur

The Exorcist is one of the most terrifying movies I've ever seen, even to this day when I watch it the hairs on the back of my next stand up. I even did a little write-up on the film and how it changed my life. It's just a creepy ass movie, and now it's going to be a creepy ass TV series. 

Martha Marcy May Marlene writer and director, Sean Durkin, is adapting the horror classic into a ten-episode television series. He's being backed up by Morgan Creek and by producer Roy Lee, who helped develop films such as The Departed and The Ring.

Vulture describes what this series is going to focus on, "Unlike the iconic 1973 film, Durkin’s version of The Exorcist follows the events leading up to a demonic possession and especially the after-effects of how a family copes with it: In short, not well (really, after you start seeing stuff like this, can you blame them?), and when medical and psychiatric explanations fail, the desperate family turns to the church, with Father Damien Karras finally brought in to attempt the exorcism."

This isn't the only Exorcist series being developed for TV. Transformers and Real Steel producer Don Murphy and Susan Montford’s Angryfilms are creating an original idea called The Exorcist Handbook, their own TV series that deals with the eviction of unwanted demons. Murphy describes the story saying, “It's all about the main character, who [only] became an exorcist to help the woman he loves. It's going to be intense and scary.”

I have no doubt that an Exorcist series will do very well on TV. There's a lot of horror fantics out in the world like myself who will galdly tune in, and then there are those who's curiosity will get the better of them. I hope it turns out good! It will be interesting to see how the craziness translates to the small screen, but with shows like The Walking Dead and American Horror Story, I'm sure they'll be able to get away with a lot. Would you watch a TV series based on The Exorcist?

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