Dr. Seuss Style STAR WARS Characters

Artist DrFaustusAU has brought us plenty of amazing Seussified art in the past; ranging from Batman, GhostbustersH.P. Lovecraft, and even a take on possible future Hollywood films. It was only inevitable that we'd eventually see him take a crack at the Star Wars universe.

We've seen more well known Star Wars characters get a Dr. Seuss style makeover before, but DrFaustusAU shows some of the b-listers some love with these cool posters, complete with ryhmes and all.

Check 'em out and give us your best Dr. Seuss style ryhmes for these Star Wars characters!

Don't judge him too harshly.
Oh, please do refrain!

He once had an accident;
lost half his brain.

It's not as bad as Luke had feared,
It just let go and disappeared.

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