J.J. Abrams To Produce Nazi Hunter Action-Thriller WUNDERKIND

Movie J.J. Abrams by Joey Paur

J.J. Abrams is jumping on board another film project as a producer for an action-thriller called Wunderkind. Paramount Pictures picked up the spec script from writer Patrick Aison. Abrams is trying to keep himself busy--I guess he doesn't feel like he has enough to do. We recently reported that he'd be producing a low budget movie called God Particle

According to Variety, the story for Wunderkind is set in the 1970's, and "follows a young Nazi hunter with the CIA and an older Nazi hunter working for the Mossad. The two become reluctantly intertwined in their hunt." It would be cool to see a film with the same gritty 70's storytelling style as Dustin Hoffman's 1976 movie Marathon Man. This movie could easily fit that style. The stories behind people hunting down Nazis in hiding to make them pay for their crimes has always intrigued me.

I know there's not much to go off of in terms of story, but from what what's been revealed it sounds like a very interesting movie. Aison hasn't done anything that's been released yet. He's a graduate of USC's School of Cinematic Arts masters program, and sold his first spec called Takedowns. He also co-wrote a sci-fi thriller in development called Echo Station.

What do you think of Abrams developing this action-thriller about Nazi hunting?

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