Reader Response: Thoughts on TDKR Scene Compilation

So we had quite a few readers respond to yesterday's scene compilation we posted here on the site. They offered some different takes on the scenes we showed, and provided even more questions to think on over what we already posed. Check out their theories below.

I could be wrong, but Batman's fervent appeal "Why don't you just kill me?" is probably not aimed at Bane but someone else. Maybe someone from The League of Shadows, who have sworn revenge on him as he burned their hideout in Batman Begins. I read an interesting theory somewhere that Bane is also a "graduate" of the mysterious warrior cult and it would make sense that he uses all his training PLUS his violent fighting style to eliminate Batman forever.

There was this trailer where John Blake (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) asks Selina Kyle (Anne Hathaway) about what she knows about "him" and Kyle replies "That you should be as afraid of him as I am". Now, "him" could either mean Bane or Batman, considering Catwoman has shades of grey. If she means Batman, then that probably indicates that John Blake is new to Gotham, since he would have already known about him if he was part of GCPD. If she refers Bane, then it could be that Bane and Catwoman have had some kind of prior relationship, in which Bane likely terrified Catwoman to this point. Above all, either case means Blake knows Catwoman's secret identity, which is really interesting.

Idk about you but I can barely tell that is Tom hardy behind the mask. Something tells me this is going to be on par with Heath maybe better but time will tell.

I don't think Gordon is in the batcave. Take this with a grain of salt, but according to released images from a TDKR children's books, Bane kidnaps Gordon and takes him to his secret lair in the underground tunnels (sewers?). It might be safe to assume that Gordon's hospital scene from the teaser takes place after his fall.

IMO, and this is like throwing spears in the dark, i believe that the first beard we see is a bruce wayne in some sort of seclusion. I dont think he's batman at the beginning of this movie and is depressed and he is looking for purpose hence the beard and the paleness. As for the leg i suspect its an injury that he recieved at the end of TDK and might have had surgery to correct the problem and its recovering also.

Thanks for all the comments guys, your input certainly got our heads reeling over here, and it only gets us more excited for the release of the film!

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