Roland Emmerich Working on INDEPENDENCE DAY 2 and STARGATE?

Roland Emmerich has officially teamed back up with producer Dean Devlin to work on a sequel to Independence Day. We've already heard thistime, and time again, but it's once again been confirmed in a recent interview with THR in which Devlin says,

I can tell you that Roland and I have been working together for the first time in 11 years and we’re every excited about the idea of doing it. Whether or not we can make this happen, if we can get all the pieces to come together, that’s gonna be challenging. But creatively, for the very first time since we did the original, I feel we have a worthy concept, a worthy path to go.

We resisted doing the sequel for years because we still wanted to honor the first one. The first one gave us all careers and we really love that movie and loved the experience. We didn’t want to make a movie because it was financially a good idea, we only wanted to do it when we had an idea and a concept that creatively felt like it honored the first one—that it felt like an organic sequel as opposed to ‘let’s just go make some more money. I feel like we got it. I think it took a long time, but I feel like we finally got something that really feels like, ‘that’s worth seeing as a sequel to Independence Day.’

I'd love to hear what their idea is! Discussions have already begun with some of the cast members from the original film. Will Smith has to come back for the sequel. If he doesn't, there's really no point in making it. Apparently, Emmerich has already talked to Smith about doing it, but nothing as of right now is set in stone... yet. I can actually see this movie eventually happening one day. I loved Independence Day, and I'm curious to see what they want to do with a sequel. It was also announced last month that Fox would be re-releasing the first film in 3D. 

Devlin then came out and said they'd like to finish telling the Stargate story they started. Apparently Stargate was supposed to be the first in a trilogy. He explains,

Stargate has always had this empty hole. When we made the first one, we always intended on doing part two and three, and we were prevented for years. And our hope is that we can get another chance at Stargate and tell the entire story we wanted to tell.

Stargate is another movie I liked, and it could be fun to see it come back to the big screen. I wouldn't mind seeing the rest of the story they wanted to tell. What are your thoughts on Independence Day and Stargate getting sequels?