Guillermo del Toro Talks More About PACIFIC RIM

When July 2013 rolls around, it will have been five years since a new Guillermo del Toro-directed movie has played in theaters. After doing extensive preparation work for both The Hobbit and At The Mountains of Madness, del Toro was left high and dry thanks to situational circumstances and was searching for a new movie to make. That's when Legendary Pictures entered the mix, and gave him the opportunity to direct Pacific Rim, a movie about giant monsters vs. giant robots, which is perfect for the Mexican director considering his love for great stories with impressive visual effects.

Geoff Boucher at the L.A. Times' Hero Complex (in partnership with Nerdist) sat down with del Toro before he wowed the crowd with the debut of the film's first footage at Comic-Con 2012 (watch the panel here) and spoke in detail about the project and specifically the world-building that went into it that we only get hints of in the final movie.


What is your favorite Guillermo del Toro film so far? Are you looking forward to Pacific Rim?