SONIC THE HEDGEHOG Fan Film Gives Us Hope for a Hollywood Movie

How many of you grew up watching the old school Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon series? If you are like me, then you were glued to each and every episode as you saw our blue hero take on Dr. Robotnik. But isn’t it about time that we got a full-fledged big screen Hollywood movie from the character? With the recent news of games turning into movies, it may be time to take on this fast hairball.

Well, BlueCoreStudios on YouTube has given us a glimpse on what a Sonic movie would look like. Sure, some of the dialogue is this film is kind of campy, but it’s Sonic… what did you expect?! Take a look at the video and let us know if you think Hollywood should make a movie like this. Hey Sega, you may want to talk with Disney and make this a reality… just saying.

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