Cartoon-Style Evolution of Guillermo del Toro's Movies

ArtMovieby Joey Paur

It looks like director Guillermo del Toro is finally going to make more films for us, and it's all going to start with Pacific Rim. After than he's going to get started on a new horror movie called Crimson Peak. This guy knows how to entertain the fans with the story he tells. It's going to be awesome to see what other future projects he ends up bringing to life on the big screen. 

Jeff Victor created an incredibly cool cartoon style evolution of the films that he's directed over the years. Here's a note from the artist about the director...

One of my favorite directors has to be Guillermo del Toro. No other director can create a more intriguing mix of horror and humor than del Toro. I remember being incredibly impressed with Mimic when I first saw that in 1997, then a few years later, being overwhelmed with the beauty and suspense of the Devil's Backbone. Pacific Rim, as of this writing, hasn't come out yet, but you bet I'll be there opening night to check it out! As a side note, I would kill to visit his "man-cave" called Bleak House, where he keeps all his horror themed art, toys, and trinkets. If you haven't seen it, you can sneak a peek here: 

What's your favorite Del Toro movie!?

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