Pixar Denies TOY STORY 4 Tweet Confirms Film...Don't Believe It Just Yet

So yesterday Twitter was abuzz over a rogue tweet sent by a Columbian radio executive who claimed Pixar had confirmed that the fabled Toy Story 4 was confirmed as happening. Fans had a mixed response and Pixar denied it but don't let that serve as evidence that another Toy Story isn't on the way. Let's not forget we have Tom Hanks confirming it, and John Lasseter awkwardly squirming when being prompted about it. Keep in mind that this news was reported over a year ago, and now this?! Given the fact that it takes around 2-4 years to create the average film for the franchise I think it's fair to say the film, or at least some big adaptation, is in the works regardless of what Pixar would have us believe.

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