THE DARK KNIGHT - Everything Wrong in 4-Minutes or Less

The gang over at CinemaSins has made another humorous video, this time they take aim at The Dark Knight in which they point out everything wrong with the movie in four minutes or less. I'm not the biggest fan of these videos, but it allows fans to vent their frustration with the crazy things we see in movies. This one actually might be the best one that they've made. There's some interesting stuff that is pointed out that I never really thought of before. But let's face it... none of it matters anyway because it's Batman!

Many of you have been asking us to do another "comic book" movie. Many of you have been asking us to do a "good" or universally-loved movie. So we did The Dark Knight, which ought to satisfy both groups. Here are all the sins of The Dark Knight. 

To watch their Avengers video click here, for their Amazing Spider-Man video click here, and for Looper vid click here

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