Cartoon Style Evolution of Luke Skywalker

Artist Jeff Victor has created another great piece of movie character evolution art. This time he focuses on one character from the Star Wars universe... Luke Skywalker. It shows us the various stages of character development that he went through in the original trilogy that took him from a whiney boy to a whiney badass. Here's a note from the artist...

This piece will debut at Gallery Nucleus' May 4th Star Wars art gallery. If you live in LA, I hope you'll come check it out! This piece is unique, as it's the first Evolution I did that I painted traditionally, not digitally.

The piece turned out really cool! To see the artist's previous evolutions of Johnny Depp Click Here, for Natalie Portman Click Here, for Tom Hanks Click Here, for Stanely Kubrick Click Here, for Charlize Theron Click Here, for Jim Carrey Click Here, for Gary Oldman Click HereTim Curry Click Here and Nic Cage Click Here.

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