Doug Jones Hopes to Do HELLBOY 3 One Day

Guillermo del Toro has made it pretty clear that Hellboy 3 isn't going to happen. He's explained a few times already that he can't get the financing he needs to make it. Regardless of that, the film's star, Ron Perlman, has said that the director owes a third film to the fans. Now co-star Doug Jones chimes in with his thoughts in an interview with Collider saying, 

"I think Abe Sapien, from the Hellboy movies is the one [role] I'm most proud of. He's near and dear to my heart. After doing two feature films and two animated features and a video game, he and I have gotten very close, over the years. And hopefully, we can do a 'Hellboy 3,' one day."

Del Toro knows what he wants to do for a third film, but he says he needs $140 million to make it. He can't find any investors willing to take a chance on that. At this point it seems like the only way the movie will happen is if he brings the budget down, which I can't see del Toro doing. He's stubborn like that in a good way. He doesn't want to compromise his vision. 

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