THE CROW Creator Shares Good News about the New Film

Movie The Crow by Joey Paur

The Crow creator James O'Barr has some good news for fans of the comic book. O'Barr was recently hired as a consultant for the film production, which will star Luke Evans in the lead role and director F. Javier Gutierrez at the helm.

O'Barr talked to Total Film about the director's plan for the film, and what he thought of Evans' makeup test.

“It was his idea to go right back to the source material and essentially shoot it shot-for-shot, as in the book, but with a little more backstory for some of the characters.
He wants to be as faithful as possible, even down to all the visual metaphors of trains and horses."

A shot for shot film based on the comic is as faithful as you can get. Let's face it, as good as the first movie was, the comic was still better, so this new film could actually end up being great! As for Evans' look in the film, he said,

"The producers showed me some shots of [Luke Evans] in the make-up and the tragedy really shows on his face, especially his eyes. He has a really commanding screen presence.”

Are you a little bit more excited about the film now that you've learned it will be extremely faithful to the comic? 

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