3 MCU Characters That Should Get Their Own TV Series

We just found out that Loki and Scarlet Witch are getting TV shows and I think that’s pretty cool. We also know that these won’t be the only characters from the MCU to get shows, we just haven’t been told who else is on their list. I’ve decided to compile a list of 3 characters from the MCU that I think could make great series. The only criteria I’m using is that they must be part of the MCU, but not have their own film. Also, Peggy Carter already got her own show, so she won’t be making this list either.


We were introduced to Tessa Thompson’s Valkyrie in Thor: Ragnarok and she has gained a lot of fans. I think it could be really interesting to see Valkyrie end up working for Jeff Goldblum. We wouldn’t necessarily need to see her become a Valkyrie, but I think start off with the demise of the Valkyrie and then use the rest of the show to get us working for Grandmaster.


A lot of characters from Black Panther could probably have been included on this list. However, Nakia being a spy probably offers the most interesting series in my opinion. The series could show one of Nakia’s toughest missions. Probably wouldn’t make it too hard to make it feel like a James Bond or Mission: Impossible entry.


This guy deserves something! A mini-series could show us the infamous Budapest or a different mission. They could also turn things into more of a family drama instead of an action spy show. Just imagine the drama as Clint has to miss another soccer game so he can take care of a new threat. They could even turn it into a family sitcom with Scarlett Johansson making guest appearances every now and then.

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