A Fan Has Given Brie Larson's CAPTAIN MARVEL Suit The Classic Comic Coloring

Yesterday we got our first look at Brie Larson wearing her full costume in Captain Marvel. A lot of fans were wondering why they would change the coloring of the suit to green, black, grey, and silver. It was pointed out to me that this is the same color palette as the original Captain Marvel from the comics, which I thought was cool. In the comics, when the Kree warrior Mar-Vell originally came to Earth, he wore a green and white suit. This most likely is a homage to that.

If you're still worried about the different colors, don't be. You all know that Marvel is going to eventually have her wearing a suit that featurettes the color palette that most fans are familiar with. They already released a few pieces of concept art like the one above showing us what it will look like. Then below you'll find a fan as given the leaked photo from yesterday a cool color update. Check it out!

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