A Survey Shows that Netflix May Lose Up to 27% of Subscribers After Price Increase

NetflixStudy by Tommy Williams

Netflix is going to be raising their prices once again, but this is the biggest hike that subscribers have seen yet. Of course, this raise is typically centered in the U.S. and its goal is to help introduce low prices in global markets while also cutting into their overhead. As you can imagine, some subscribers aren’t happy, and threats are flying that they’ll drop the service. Some are citing the lack of exciting content, others simply can’t afford it, and some simply don’t want to pay.

Well, Streaming Observer teamed up with Mindnet Analytics to survey 607 random Netflix subscribers and they found that 27% of those surveyed were either going to cancel (roughly 3-4%) or were considering cancelling the service because of the price hikes. In addition, 10% of those surveyed said that they’d keep Netflix, but will be downgrading their plan.

The survey also asked participants if they would be interested in Netflix with ads. 40% said that ads are unacceptable on Netflix, even if it were free. Meanwhile, 15% said that Netflix would have to be free for them to be OK with ads, 8% required a discount of 75%, 29% of participants wanted a 50% discount, and 13% said that a 25% discount was enough.

Personally, I’ll probably keep my Netflix as I enjoy enough of their content that I still use it daily. As far as ads go, I am one of the people that would say it should be free if you want to pull that. What are your thoughts on this survey? What are your plans for the price increase?

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