According to a New Report Zack Snyder Was Actually Fired From JUSTICE LEAGUE

When it was announced that Zack Snyder would be stepping down as the director of Justice League due to a family tragedy, fans were heartbroken. As you know, his daughter committed suicide and it was completely understandable for him to walk away to deal with things.

As sad as it was, as time went on there was something else about all this that didn't seem right. Then I started to get information from people I know at Warner Bros. about what was really going on. I have tiptoed around this stuff in many of the articles I have written regarding Snyder and Justice League, but I was asked not to come right out and say anything. Well, now someone has said something.

It seems as if Snyder may have actually been fired from the film three months before the official announcement was made. That's around the same time that Joss Whedon was brought on board to start working on the script. The news comes from veteran entertainment reporter Josh L. Dickey, who posted the following on Twitter:

I know that some of you suspected this as well. According to Collider, they had heard similar things. They also said that Snyder's rough-cut of the movie was "unwatchable". 

It's hard to report on this stuff because Snyder was actually dealing with something incredibly heavy. Something that no parent should have to go through. At the same time, Snyder was dedicated to the film and he has said that he wishes he would have been able to finish it. He had the desire to keep going, but the studio obviously wanted to go in another direction.

It's sad that Snyder had to go through this hard time. Maybe one day he'll open up about all of this and what happened while he was overseeing the DCEU. I know I'd like to hear his perspective on everything.

Also, I'm looking forward to the day where Zack Snyder comes back to direct another film project. 

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