Antoine Fuqua is in the Running To Direct KRAVEN THE HUNTER

Earlier this week we learned from the screenwriter of Sony Pictures’ Kraven The Hunter, Richard Wenk, that he was including Spider-Man in his script, and that the hero would come face-to-face with Kraven. I have no idea if this is actually going to happen, but it certainly got fans excited.

Wenk also revealed in an interview with Discussing Film that Sony Pictures is looking at possibly hiring Antoine Fuqua to direct the film. Wenk and Fuqua worked together on The Equalizer.

When asked if Sony was interested in courting Fuqua to direct the project, Wenk said:

"That’s an unequivocal yes. Antoine is not just a great filmmaker and one of the top filmmakers in the business, but he’s also a friend of mine and we work very well together. So, I’ve got his ear and he’ll decide based on the script. But yes, I think I can speak for myself and Sony that that would be a coup to have Antoine step on board Kraven."

Kraven The Hunter seems like a great project for Fuqua to take on. This is the kind of character that I think he would do some great things with. When previously talking about directing a superhero film, the director said:

"I’ve been approached about [superhero movies]…I’ll probably take some meetings soon, talk to those guys about it. For me it has to be the right one, in the right situation because there’s so much visual effects going on and – ‘Where’s the director in it all?’ I need to understand it because it’s like management…they have a machine, they’ve got people, there’s the design, the whole thing is sketched out ... Is the director doing that? Or is it a hundred other people?"

Do you think Kraven The Hunter will be a good project for Fuqua to take on?

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