AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Director Confirms a Soul Stone Fan Theory


Ever since Avengers: Infinity War came out the Marvel fans have been sharing theories and speculating on what certain things mean in the film. There's just an endless array of conversations going on about the events that unfolded in this epic chapter of the MCU.

One of the theories a lot of fans are talking about involves the ending of the movie and the Soul Stone. During a recent interview with MCU Exchange, director Joe Russo actually confirmed one of these theories. If you haven't seen the movie yet, you may want to steer clear of this:


Right after Thanos places the final Infinity Stone in his Infinity Gauntlet and Thor fails to kill him, Thanos snaps his fingers and there's a bright flash of light. The moment after that we see the Mad Titan in a surreal orange place where he comes face to face with the child version of Gamora, who he killed earlier in the film to get the soul stone. Gamora asks her stepfather if he succeeded in destroying half the universe and what it cost him. He told her, "everything."

The theory is that this scene actually takes place inside the Soul Stone and that Gamora is there in the stone. Joe Russo confirmed that that theory is correct, saying:

Yeah it’s- it’s implied it’s the soul stone. It’s all orange around, then he’s inside the stone with the amount of power that it took to snap his fingers- he has this out of body experience with Gamora.

So she’s there?

She is in fact, yes. It was an attempt on our part - because we don’t like two-dimensional roles or three-dimensional villains - every villain is a hero in their own story and as insane and psychotic and brutal and violent as Thanos is, he’s a more complex villain if you go on a journey with him emotionally. He does care about things and it is complicated for him to execute his plan and it cost him something.

He said at the end "It cost him everything" and that it was the only thing he loved which was Gamora which is why we put him back with her at the end. I just want to reiterate with the audience that he does feel true emotion even though he is a monster.

This is an important revelation because this is definitely Gamora's soul and it hints at the fact that Gamora could return at some point, somehow. A lot of fans also seem to believe that the souls of the people that Thanos killed will also be trapped in the Soul Stone, but I'm not sure if that's the case because they were killed off in a completely different circumstance than Gamora was. 

Who knows, though! The writers of the film recently said that Avengers 4 won't do what we think it will, so anything at this point is possible. I'm hoping that Marvel surprises fans with something completely unexpected. 

Do you have any other thoughts on the Soul Stone and how it might be used in Avengers 4?

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