BLEACH May Get a Live-Action Film Trilogy


Bleach is getting a live-action adaptation later this year. This has fans excited, but anxious. The trailer and pictures look awesome, but with how not great anime adaptations have been, we’re all worried this will also be bad and leave a bad taste in our mouths. One Japanese critic of the film did give high praise to the film saying that it may be the best adaptation in the last decade. While this gives us hope, there’s still some concern.

That being said, executive producer Hiroyoshi Koi mentioned that he’d love to see this film become a trilogy. This would be similar to the live-action trilogy of Rurouni Kenshin films that Koi worked on. If Bleach is successful and becomes a trilogy, the sequel would clearly be the Soul Society Arc and I imagine the third film would have to be Hueco Mundo Arc. That makes me a little worried since a lot happens in both of those arcs and I’m not sure how well they could be condensed into a movie each. It would mean that we’d get to see all of the Gotei 13 which would be freaking awesome. Would you like to see the movie turned into a trilogy, or how should they continue?

Bleach will focus on the Substitute Shinigami Arc and will hit theaters in Japan on July 20, 2018.

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