Carnage Confirmed to Appear in Tom Hardy's VENOM and Kraven and Mysterio Will Get Standalone Films

Some interesting new information regarding the Spider-Man cinematic universe that Sony Pictures is developing. As you've probably already heard by now, Spider-Man: Homecoming producer Amy Pascal said that Tom Holland's version of Spider-Man will exist in that cinematic universe that will launch with Venom. That will be followed by a Black Cat and Silver Sable movie.

It was confirmed in a recent report from THR that "Holland is only contractually obligated to Spider-Man 2 and 3, but the intention is to bring him into the spinoffs and possibly other Marvel films." So we will eventually see Spider-Man in this separate universe that Sony is developing.

This is going to be strange because now Spider-Man will be a part of the MCU and this new Sony Marvel Universe, but neither of the universes are really connected with each other. The only thing they will share is Spider-Man, who will exist two separate worlds. Crazy.

The report also confirms that Carnage will be a part of Tom Hardy's Venom film, which is what I was hoping for! I'm a huge fan of Carnage because the character is one of the most evil and vile villains in the Marvel Comic Universe. I wish these characters could be a part of the MCU!

Sony is also planning more standalone films based on Spider-Man villains. Two of them are confirmed to include Kraven the Hunter and Mysterio, which are two more great characters! The report goes on to say that the studio is going to "build out a world gradually rather than launch one immediately", which is the proper way to go. That's how Marvel Studios did it.

It sounds like their intentions are in the right place and they aren't going to rush anything with the building of this new world, which is great. I just hope that they take what they've learned from Marvel with Spider-Man and use that knowledge to build out this new universe by bringing on great talent to make great movies.

What do you all think about all this?

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