Sony's SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING Producer Says Spider-Man and Venom Will Exist in the Same Universe

It seems like Marvel and Sony need to get on the same page about Spider-Man's place in the MCU and his connection to Venom, Black Cat, and Silver Sable. 

Last week, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige confirmed that there were no plans to include Venom in the MCU. He clarified that it was a Sony project. 

Now, according to Spider-Man: Homecoming producer Amy Pascal, Sony Pictures' upcoming Venom and Black Cat/Silver Sable movies will all exist in the same universe as Spider-Man: Homecoming, which means that in a way, they will be part of the MCU. 

She recently gave an interview with Feige, and when talking about the Venom and the Black Cat/Silver Sable movies, she said:

"Both movies will all take place in the world that we’re now creating for Peter Parker. I mean, they’ll be adjuncts to it, there may be different locations, but it will still all be in the same world and they will be connected to each other."

Pascal was also asked if Tom Holland would appear as Spider-Man in those films, to which Pascal replied, "There’s a chance... there’s always a chance." So maybe they are trying to make something happen?

She obviously sees things a little differently than Feige, who looks a little confused by Pascal's comments in the video, which you can watch below. I think his look says it all, and he's not sure what in the hell Pascal is talking about. I wish the guy interviewing them would have asked Feige a follow-up question to clarify what she was saying and confirm or deny the claim. 

If all these films do exist in the same MCU universe... awesome! That's what the fans want to see! I just hope Pascal isn't getting our hopes up for something that's not really happening. What do you think about all this?

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