Christopher McQuarrie Thinks Stunt Teams Should Get an Oscar Category


Earlier this year, the Academy decided it was going to introduce a new category for their awards, “Outstanding Popular Film.” This did not go over well, and it was eventually put on the back burner.

While the new category received serious backlash, maybe there are new categories that the Academy should consider. Mission: Impossible – Fallout director Christopher McQuarrie recently sat down with Collider and explained why he disliked the idea of the new category. However, he also offered up a new idea for a category that the Academy should consider, and I agree with him: stunt work.

I can be diplomatic, but fuck it. There was talk of a popular film category. I’m really glad they’re not doing that, because I think the notion of that is to shy away from the fact that a—I don’t care, revoke my academy membership. What would be more effective, is I think if you’re going to introduce a new category the category should be stunts. I can’t think of a film recently that might qualify, but, that’s an art, that’s a skill, that’s a craft. Those are people risking their lives and doing things that are absolutely and utterly truly amazing and are so much a part of an experience like that. Not just in films like this. You go look at Hell or High Water. Lone Survivor. The stunts in that movie were absolutely incredible. In terms of a new category, I think you need to do that.

McQuarrie argues that stunt teams and coordinators don’t get enough celebration. He’s not the only one either. Helen Mirren has also noted that stunt work should have an Oscar when talking to Female First earlier this year.

Why isn’t there an Oscar for stunt work already? That’s a category I’m sure everyone could get behind.

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