Cool Fan Art Combines X-MEN with OVERWATCH

Overwatch, for those that don’t know, is an extremely popular game from Blizzard Entertainment. You choose a character and get into teams to fight over objectives such as protecting a cargo transport or specific regions a la King of the Hill. It’s a lot of fun with your friends and the characters are pretty awesome. Bosslogic has taken these characters that look awesome and combined them with Marvel characters to make them even more awesome. If you’ve seen any of his work before such as this Stranger Things and X-Men mash-up, you know you’re in for quite a treat. Soldier 76 gets paired with Cyclops from X-Men and it’s probably my favorite of the three, McCree fuses with the Winter Soldier for enhanced deadliness, and Zarya is combined with Captain Marvel for a little bit of amazing girl power! Bosslogic is amazingly talented and you should definitely go check out their Instagram and Twitter. Which is your favorite? Did he miss your favorite characters? I think a McCree and Gambit one would’ve been awesome.

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