Daniel Craig Confirmed to Reprise His Role of James Bond in BOND 25

Yesterday we learned that Bond 25 is scheduled to be released in 2019. There was no word on who would direct or if Daniel Craig would return to play 007. Well, today The New York Times confirmed that Craig will be back for at least one more film. They say his return is a "done deal". So, if you're a fan of Craig's version of Bond you can rest easy. If you're not a fan, then you'll just have to sit through another Bond movie with him in the lead. 

It didn't seem like Craig had the best experience shooting the last Bond film Spectre and he strongly expressed his desire to not return to the franchise by saying, I’d rather break this glass and slash my wrists.” 

Regardless, I guess the producers managed to talk him into and they probably offered him a ridiculous amount of money to return, and as you all know... it's hard to say nto ridiculous amounts of money.

I was kind of hoping we would get a new actor to play Bond, someone who would bring a new energy to the character and have fun in the role because, after all the negative things Craig said, I don't know if his heart is going to be fully in it. I'm sure the next movie will end up being good, but I'd love to see Christopher Nolan come in and breathe new life into the franchise. That's what would really get me excited for a Bond film!

The script for the film is being written by Neal Purvis and Robert Wade, who have both worked on the screenplays for the last six Bond films. Bond 25 will be released on November 8th, 2019. Are you happy that you'll get to see Craig play James Bond again?

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