DAREDEVIL Showrunner Isn't Sure What The Future Holds in Terms of Netflix

It sounds like the fate of Netflix’s Daredevil series is still up in the air. The third season was recently released and in my opinion, it’s easily the best season of any of the Marvel shows that we’ve seen so far. We don’t really know how it did in the ratings, though.

Both Iron Fist and Luke Cage were recently cancelled and we posted a report yesterday on some data that is based on social media studies that Daredevil and Jessica Jones could be in trouble.

The news of Iron Fist and Luke Cage being cancelled was hard for Daredevil showrunner, Erik Oleson, to hear. It was a surprise to him and when talking about the news in an interview with Indiewire, he said:

“I’m close, personal friends with [“Iron First” showrunner] Raven Metzner and a number of folks who worked on that show, and I’m sad for my friends. The Marvel shows are a family. As the showrunner of ‘Daredevil,’ I’m always rooting for my fellow showrunners and their families, and it was a hard blow. I’m not going to lie. I took Raven out for drinks on Saturday night and we commiserated. It was heartbreaking news.”

He then went on to talk about the fate of Daredevil. The series has not been picked up for a fourth season, and as of right now, he doesn’t know if it will:

“I don’t know what the future holds in terms of Netflix and Marvel and the new Disney streaming service and all of that. I’m not really privy to any of that stuff. That’s way above my pay grade. But who knows what the future holds? I wouldn’t put it past anyone that [“Iron Fist”] comes back in some other form.”

I hope that Daredevil comes back for a fourth season, especially with Bullseye being set up as the next big villain! I’ll be shocked if it doesn’t happen. At this point it seems like Netflix is reevaluating their relationship with Marvel and it’s hard not to think that the upcoming Disney streaming service has a little something to do with what is going on right now.

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