DC's NIGHTWING Movie is Still Alive But We'll Have to Wait Awhile

Warner Bros. had big plans for a lot of films that they put into development before Justice League was released. After Justice League came out, though, there were a lot of big changes and there are a few DC film projects that we don’t know the fate of yet.

One of those movies was director Chris McKay’s Nightwing movie. It’s been awhile since we’ve heard anything, but when a fan reached out to the director on Twitter and was wondering if the movie was dead, the director responded and said that it’s still alive, but adds that we’ll have to wait awhile:

I’ve actually been pretty excited about this Nightwing movie. It’s obviously not high on WB’s priority list, but at least it’s not dead. When previously talking about his approach to Nightwing, the director explained:

“The story of Dick Grayson, becoming Robin, then becoming Nightwing played out for us, the audience, in the comics in REAL TIME. It wasn’t a flashback. We experienced it. So all of Robin/Nightwing’s successes and failures we were along for the ride.

“People that underestimated Robin or dismissed him perhaps had their opinions changed as we watched him ‘grow up’ right in front of us. His relationships, his conflicts with Batman et al felt real to me because he was the window character with which we experienced Gotham City.”

McKay also teased the insane action and stunts that he wants to incorporate in to the movie:

"It's going to be unlike any other sort of superhero movie because it's not gonna rely on a lot of CG. This movie is going to win a stunt Academy Award. They're going to make a stunt Academy Award for this movie. I guarantee it. It's going to be insane."

Unfortunately, it’s probably going to be a few years before we see this Nightwing happen, but if it does happen, I trust that McKay is going to give fans a badass movie.

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