Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts Wants a "Balls-To-The-Wall" R-Rated METAL GEAR SOLID Movie


Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts really hopes that his feature film adaptation of the hit video game Metal Gear Solid will break the video game movie curse. He has some great ideas on how to handle it and most recently said that he is looking to embrace the weirdness of the game. He definitely doesn't want to play it safe with this movie.

Now the filmmaker is saying that he is going to shoot for an R-rating. He wants to bring the full-on insanity of Hideo Kojima's game to the film. While talking to Collider, he made his intentions very clear, saying:

"It’s about doing it for a price so you can make the riskier, balls-to-the-wall, Kojima-san version of it."

Developing the film at a “reasonable cost” would make sure the studio wouldn't worry as much, just like it was done with Deadpool. The director goes on to talk about the script that has been written for the movie, and he loves what he has so far:

"Even if I wasn’t involved in this movie I would read that script and say, ‘Holy shit.' It represents a different approach to a video game movie. It represents a different approach to how a three-act structure is put on screen.”

Vogt-Roberts goes on to explain that he’s figured out a way to make it work on-screen, saying:

"The thing about Metal Gear is it’s intentionally sprawling and it’s intentionally dense. It’d be super easy to do one sliver of it or do too much at once. And we’ve spent the last little bit really trying to figure out, to me, the most Kojima-san inspired way to tackle as much of that story through a device that I think allows you to tap in…how to put this without spoiling it?…regardless, we have a device that I think allows us to respect the breadth of the franchise, respect the sprawling nature of the franchise, respect the somewhat convoluted nature of the franchise at times. But to still show you the mirrors. What I mean by that is all those timelines fundamentally exist because they show the repetition of war throughout time. They show the repetition and the cycle of pain throughout time. So it ’s almost impossible to tell just one story now. You need the full throughline of what this game is about."

The director continued to talk about how the other side characters from the franchise like Gray Fox, Sniper Wolf, and Revolver Ocelot are important to the story that revolves around Snake and Boss in the film, saying:

"Snake and Boss—these two figureheads of the franchise, essentially—they define themselves based on the relationships of the people around them. So much of the game ends up being the tragedy that these characters experienced…you have a boss fight, and instead of feeling like you accomplished something, you feel a sense of loss, which is such a unique Metal Gear feeling. So it’s important that those characters are surrounded by a roster of people. So we’re finding the exact right amount of people where we can introduce enough of them where it feels robust, where we can define Snake or Boss through these characters, but not enough to get lost."

Vogt-Roberts is saying all of the right things. I just hope that in the end, he will actually be able to bring his exciting vision of Metal Gear Solid to life. We'll just have to wait and see. What are your thoughts on how the director is looking to handle the film?

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