Director Travis Knight Has Ideas for a New BUMBLEBEE Adventure in a Sequel

Bumblebee was such a great film! Director Travis Knight delivered a Transformers movie that the fans can be proud of, and I’d love to see him come back to make another one.

It’s already been revealed that there is another “big Transformers” movie coming and an Optimus Prime movie could also happen. But what about a sequel to Bumblebee? We have no idea if we’ll see a Bumblebee sequel, but Knight does have some ideas for the character’s next adventure if he gets a chance to do it.

CinemaBlend recently sat down with the director and when they asked him if there was any material in the gap that could be explored in Bumblebee 2, he explained:

“I think it certainly could be. I mean, when I get to the end of one of my movies, I always imagine what's next for the characters. And so, in my mind, I've got all these scenarios and adventures that play out, both with Charlie and with Bee and everyone else. We'll see if the world wants more. Maybe we'll explore some of those things.”

Well, it seems like the world wants more! The question is does Paramount Pictures want to make any more Bumblebee films? Only time will tell, but I’d love to see what Knight would do with these characters next in a sequel! It’s not hard to imagine them all coming together for at least one more adventure.

Who knows, maybe the Optimus Prime movie could be the sequel and Hailee Steinfeld’s Charlie and John Cena’s Agent Burns could be the human connections for the two films. After all, the Autobots headed to Earth at the end of Bumblebee are going to need some human allies.

Whatever happens with a sequel, I just hope that Travis Knight comes back to write and direct it.

What would you like to see from a Bumblebee sequel?

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