Summary of Disney's Animated Short Film FEAST

While I was visiting Disney Animation Studios for the Big Hero 6 press day, they showed the animated short film that would be playing before Big Hero 6 in theaters. The short is called "Feast," and it was absurdly adorable. The movie was directed by Patrick Osborne, who was the head of animation on "Paperman," which was another amazing short film. 

The story is officially described as "one man’s love life as seen through the eyes of his best friend and dog, Winston, and revealed bite by bite through the meals they share." Here's a more detailed breakdown of the story that I wrote up after I saw the short.

The story follows the life of a dog named Winston who was picked up off the street when he was just a pup. The guy that took him in lured the dog to his home with food. Throughout the rest of the dog's life we see all the different foods that the dog eats. It's starts off with dog food, then moves on to dog food topped with bacon and eggs, then dog food topped with spaghetti. Eventually, dog food is no longer a part of the meal, and Winston is just eating regular food. As time goes on the man finds a girlfriend and all of a sudden all of the junk food the dog enjoyed eating turns into green healthy food. Winston isn't very happy about that. We see the relationship of the man and woman in the background of the story through the eyes of the dog, and they eventually break up. The dog begins to see something is wrong with the man after the girl leaves, and he's clearly depressed. The dog puts two and two together when he is reminded by the healthy green food. He then takes it upon himself to try to bring the man and woman back together again. The actual human people in the movie aren't even in focus until near the end of the story. 

I also really loved the animation style. It was done in the same style as "Paperman," only it's a bit more polished and detailed. You can get a little glimpse of that style in the two stills from the film that were recently released

Until recently I haven't been a fan of dogs. I've had a bad past with dogs that you can read about here. My kids have a dog that has actually warmed up to me, which is really weird. The damn thing seems to really like me, though, and because of that I think "Feast" is the first dog movie that I've really ever been able to connect to in a positive way.

Disney fans are going to love this.

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