Disney's STAR WARS Theme Parks Will Be So Interactive That Your Decisions Will Have Consequences

I've got a little bit more information to share with you regarding Disneyland and Disney World's Star Wars-themed lands. They are going to be taking things to a crazy awesome interactive level. 

During the panel, which you can watch below, it's revealed that the experience will be so immersive that the decisions you make will have consequences. Visitors will start to build a reputation for themselves in the Star Wars universe!

This is seriously cool! For example, if you get on a ride in which the First Order and the Resistance fight each other, the side you chose will affect the rest of your experience in the park. The Millennium Falcon ride is another thing that can affect your experience. If you do a great job flying it, when you're done, you might find a Bounty Hunter is tracking you down in the park! 

Some guests will even be asked to do certain things for the for the heroes or villains. Your choice to accept the task or reject it may further affect your experience in the Star Wars-themed land. I have no idea how they will put this plan into effect, but it's very exciting and I can't wait to experience it! 

To watch a previously released behind-the-scenes video showing the creation of the park, click here. They start talking about guests building their reputation in the Star Wars universe at the 22:40 mark in the video below. 

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