Donald Glover Says He Wasn't "Too Busy" To Work on The DEADPOOL Animated Series and Shares a Script He Wrote

UPDATE: The script that Donald Gover wrote that you can read below is said to have been written within the time Marvel and FX dumped him and this is a just a big joke and FU to them...

Donald Glover and his brother Stephen were hard at work developing a Deadpool animated series when all of a sudden FX and Marvel decided to drop them from the project. According to the initial report, things didn't work out because of "creative differences", but who knows what really happened. Some fans speculated that Glover was too busy to give his time to the project, but in a recent tweet, he makes sure to let everyone know... that was not the case.

It was also previously reported that "the series was not in active production nor is it believed that any scripts had been delivered." But then, all of a sudden Donald Glover shares a script that he wrote for the series! After reading it, I'm wondering why in the hell FX and Marvel didn't want to work with them! The script Glover shared on Twitter is solid! It's a fun little Deadpool adventure!

If this isn't the direction that Marvel and FX are looking to take the Deadpool series, what direction is it, because this seems like the Deadpool direction you'd think they'd want to go. As you'll see he rips into Marvel a bit, maybe Marvel didn't like that! Read the script for yourself and tell us what you think.

It's a shame that this didn't work out.

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