Dwayne Johnson Releases RAMPAGE Clip to Highlight His Relationship with George

This isn’t the first time that Dwayne Johnson has posted something for Rampage on his social media. The difference is what this clip from the film pulls attention to. In previous trailers and clips, we are shown very little background before being shown the giant monsters and crazy action that we can expect from the film. This time though, Johnson wants to remind us that this film will have (or attempt to have) heart. The clip focuses on showing us the relationship between Johnson’s character, Davis Okoye, and the gorilla George. It’s a tender moment that could pull some heartstrings if used well. Check out the clip below and let us know who your animal bff is.

Primatologist Davis Okoye shares an unshakable bond with George, an extraordinarily intelligent, silverback gorilla that’s been in his care since birth. When a rogue genetic experiment goes wrong, it causes George, a wolf and a reptile to grow to a monstrous size. As the mutated beasts embark on a path of destruction, Okoye teams up with a discredited genetic engineer and the military to secure an antidote and prevent a global catastrophe.

Rampage will hit theaters April 13, 2018.

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