Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam Will Not Be in DC's SHAZAM! Movie

We recently learned that Shazam! would be the next DC Entertainment film to go into development and that Lights Out director David F. Sandberg would be taking the helm. We didn't know at the time if Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam would be involved or not, but according to DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns, who spoke to Yahoo, the answer is... no. When asked about casting the film, he confirmed:

“We haven’t announced any casting yet, but Dwayne isn’t going to be in this movie. He’s still doing Black Adam, but he won’t be in Shazam!"

That's kind of a shame. I was really hoping to see Black Adam introduced in the film, but the story they are developing will not involve him at all. At least they still plan on making that Black Adam solo film, so we have that to look forward too. Hopefully the two eventually meet and we get to see them battle each other somewhere down the line.

When talking about the film during a Reddit Q&A, the director of the film talked a little bit about the film and why it appealed to him, saying:

"To keep it general and not go into script details I'd say the core thing that's appealing to me is the wish fulfillment. What kid doesn't want to be Superman? This is a kid that basically gets to become Superman." 

Shazam! will take place in the DC Extended Universe, so the character Billy Batson a.k.a. Shazam most likely followed the events that unfolded in Man of Steel and Batman v Superman and is a fan of Superman. It'll be fun to see the DCEU from this very different perspective of a young fan of these heroes who now gets to be one. 

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