EX MACHINA Director Alex Garland Wants To Direct a SWAMP THING Movie

Alex Garland, the director of Ex Machina and the upcoming film Annihilation, has his sights set on a DC Comics property that he'd like to bring to the big screen. During a recent Reddit AMA, Garland revealed that if he had the chance, he would want to write and direct Swamp Thing.

I love the idea of Garland taking on Swamp Thing! I have no doubt that he would give the fans an incredible film. I hope Warner Bros. is paying attention because this needs to happen! This wouldn't be Garland's first time working on a comic book film. Don't forget, he wrote the screenplay for the amazing movie Dredd.

I loved Swamp Thing when I was a kid. I used to read the comics and I loved the original 1982 film adaptation from Wes Craven. The character was created by Lein Wein and Bernie Wrightson and he first appeared in the 1971 horror anthology comic series House of Secrets. Comic writer Alan Moore breathed new life into the character in the 80s, and those are the comics that I remember reading. 

Garland didn't really go into any kind of plans that he had for the film, but judging by his past work he is the right filmmaker for the job. 

Warner Bros. is currently developing a Justice League Dark movie, which Swamp Thing is a part of. They are still on the hunt for a director after Doug Liman dropped out. Maybe they should just put that on hold for now and get Garland on board to write and direct Swamp thing first! 

In case you missed it, here's some early concept art for Swamp Thing from director Joseph Khan, that he used when he pitched his Justice League Dark idea to Warner Bros. I know for a fact that Garland would give us a much better and more badass character design.

Would you like to see Alex Garland take on Swamp Thing?

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