FAIRY TAIL Creator Reveals Release Date for Mysterious New Manga Plus Bonus Pictures of Mirajane and Lisanna


Hiro Mashima has revealed that his newest manga series will be released in Weekly Shonen starting on June 27. In all my excitement with the announcements of Fairy Tail's continuation, I missed this one. This announcement comes from a tweet last week:

The crazy thing is, we don’t know anything about this series. We know that he recently announced a Fairy Tail sequel and a Fairy Tail spin-off, and he has hinted at this manga being a new fantasy story. Who knows what crazy direction he’ll take in this one. Maybe it’ll be more futuristic or feature more technology. Maybe magic will be outlawed or something. What do you think the new manga will include?

As a bonus, I’ll include this tweet from Mashima that features some sketches of Mirajane and her sister Lisanna who is wearing a skin-tight cat bikini outfit.

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