Fan Lays Out His Fantasy Release Schedule for the MCU After Fox Acquisition

Disney’s acquisition of Fox is fast approaching, and fans are not skipping a beat. One fan on Reddit decided to create their own idea of what Marvel should release and when, over the next 11 years starting in 2020.

I like the idea of many of these titles, but I think that his time table is very off. I’m sure you could move things around to better fit things, but he has sequels coming out very close together. For instance, this time table shows that we will be getting a new Spider-Man film every other year. Now, it’s possible that I’m wrong, but I feel like Marvel does like to space out their sequels a bit more than that. I also don’t think we’ll see any Fox properties until Avengers 5 and I’m not convinced that Deadpool will be integrated into the MCU. What do you think of this list? What’s your fantasy release schedule for the MCU after the deal goes through?

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