Google Releases a Teaser Video Leading Up to GDC Reveal

Google has been really coy about what it plans to unveil at this year’s Game Developers Conference. They sent mysterious invites out, a patent for a game controller surfaced, and now they’ve released an interesting video. The video doesn’t reveal much, but it does show several scenes that could very easily be parts of games. At the end there’s a little sound that could be their chime for a game console, which is the prevailing rumor. The video description reveals that the presentation will happen on March 19, 2019 at 10 AM PDT when they “unveil Google’s vision for the future of gaming.” So now, let’s go to my theories about what this could be.

First, the more obvious solutions. Google could unveil their own console to rival Xbox, Playstation, and/or Nintendo. It could also simply be talking about Project Stream which will allow gamers to stream their favorite games to any piece of hardware via a browser (most likely Google Chrome). It could even be a combination where it’s a console specifically for Project Stream. If they did that, the hardware could be really inexpensive and then you have to pay a subscription fee to use Project Stream. Not too different from what Xbox is working on.

Another thought I’ve had, though, is similar to the idea of a console. It could very well be a new virtual reality system. All of the clips in the trailer are from what seem to be a first-person perspective and VR is growing. I guess we just have to wait a week to actually know what the future of gaming is. What are your thoughts?

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