Hasbro is Looking to Create a New POWER RANGERS Film with Paramount

Ever since Hasbro became the owners of Power Rangers, the future of Power Rangers movies was made unclear. There was a lot of talk about Hasbro wanting to move forward with films, but nothing was concrete. However, according to Power Rangers Now, Hasbro confirmed via their Q4 earnings call that they are talking to Paramount about making a new Power Rangers film. This is great news for fans, but it answers very little.

Many fans had already figured that more Power Rangers films would be on the way, but we’ve been curious to know what it will be. Some reports indicate it will be a sequel, but after the 2017 film from Lionsgate, fans have been torn on if they want a sequel or a reboot. Personally, I want a sequel, but with some changes, mostly in the design of anything Ranger related. I liked the cast for the most part and we were left with quite the teaser for a sequel. I’ve written about some of my desires already.

Are you happy to hear that we should be getting another Power Rangers film?

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