Hawkeye May Be Getting His Own Series on Disney's Streaming Platform

Do you remember that report from several months ago that Hawkeye was going to get his own film? MCU Cosmic, the same source that gave us that rumor, is providing an update about that project.

The update mentions that it is possible that instead of a film, the project may be a series for Disney’s upcoming streaming service. It is also said that the project will “involve Clint Barton’s Hawkeye, but it will deal with him training a new younger archer.” Many fans will know that most likely means they’re bringing Kate Bishop into the universe, which would be pretty awesome.

What’s even cooler is that we may see Kate Bishop before then. The rumor mill has been trying to figure out who Katherine Langford will play in Avengers 4, and now fans think they have their answer: Kate Bishop. We know that Jeremy Renner will be Ronin in Avengers 4, but with the time traveling, who’s to say that we don’t see Kate show up?

What are your thoughts? If Langford isn’t Kate, who do you think she’ll play and who should play Kate?

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