HBO's DEADWOOD Movie is One Big Step Closer to Production, Which Could Begin in October!

Movie DeadwoodHBO by Joey Paur

I've got some encouraging news for fans of HBO's Deadwood today! The long-awaited film is one step closing to happening as the production just received a $4.195 million California tax incentive.

The project still has yet to receive an official greenlight, but the fact that HBO has applied for a tax credit tells us that they are extremely serious about making it. According to Deadline, it also means that "the network has a finished script and financing in place", which are requirements for a tax benefit application. It's then revealed that if this movie happens, it will have to start shooting at the beginning of October:

According to the California Film Commission regulations, a film or a TV series generally has to start principal photography within 180 days of being approved for a tax credit in order to receive it, though exceptions are being made in special circumstances. That means that Deadwood should start filming by the beginning of October.

One of the most recent things we heard about the Deadwood movie came from actor Timothy Olyphant, who talked about how hard it is to get the entire cast back together, but it looks like they are actually figuring it out. This Deadwood movie actually looks like it's going to happen!

The series was created by David Milch, who also wrote the script for the movie. The story focused on the rivalry between Sheriff Seth Bullock (Olyphant) and the villainous pimp Al Swearengen (Ian McShane) and also starred Molly Parker as Alma Garet, and Brad Dourif as Doc Cochran. 

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