Here's List of Rumored STAR WARS Shows for Disney+ Including Darth Bane

Rumors are flying left and right as to what fans can expect from Disney’s streaming platform, Disney+. We recently heard a rumor that Obi-Wan Kenobi was going to get a series on the platform, but he’s not the only one. HN Entertainment claims to have gotten a list of potential Star Wars shows being considered:

  • Young Princess Leia

  • Captain Phasma

  • The Knights of Ren

  • Rose Tico

  • Darth Bane

Of these items, I wonder what they would do for Leia, but am most intrigued by Darth Bane and the Knights of Ren. A Darth Bane show could be nuts! The show I’d really like though is a show about Revan. I think his story is incredible. They could also do a show about Meetra Surik, the Jedi Civil War, etc. Basically, I want Old Republic stories told.

Which of these shows would you want to see happen and what are your ideas for Star Wars shows?

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