Infographic: JOHN WICK Kills Broken Down Into Accuracy, Location, and More

If you're an action movie junkie and you haven't seen John Wick yet, you're living a lie. Writer/directors Chad Stehelski and David Leitch pulled off some excellent action sequences, and Keanu Reeves brought a level of humanity to a character that is one step away from a superhero. Simply put, it rocks.

We've already written about a video that shows all of Wick's kills in the movie, but now George Hatzis is back with another infographic (via The Playlist), this time taking aim at all of the details of each of those kills. He measures headshots, shot accuracy, location, and more. I call it a "killfographic." Check it out below.

John Wick is available now, and the directors are currently developing a sequel.

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