Intriguing Story and Character Details Revealed for TRANSFORMERS: THE LAST KNIGHT

There's not a lot of information that has been officially released regarding Michael Bay's Transformers: The Last Knight. We know that Megatron will be back in his original form, Bumblebee got a new look, and we have speculated that Galvatron will be the big bad villain. Now thanks to JoBlo, we have some possible information regarding the story and some of the characters. There's actually some interesting stuff here, so if you're intrigued, then read ahead!

According to the site, the story centers around Optimus Prime as he is looking for his home planet of Cybertron, which is now a dead planet. On his journey, he learns that he was the one actually responsible for destroying Cybertron, but he finds a way to bring it back to life. In order to do that, he has to have some kind of artifact that can be found on earth. What is this artifact that he needs? The report explains:

Somehow the artifact ties into Merlin, the magician of King Arthur lore. Apparently, the power of magic was given to Merlin by a Transformer and somehow the artifact ties into this. As far as what the artifact is, we can’t say, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it has something to do with the famed sword Excaliber (I mean, they did make sure to include a sword in the new logo, didn't they?). That’s just speculation on my part, but it sounds reasonable. Of course, we’ve seen the effects of time travel in these films already and are aware of Transformers visiting Earth throughout the planets existence, so that certainly fits with the universe they’ve created and now it appears that the story will add British Mythology to the narrative.

That definitely puts on interesting spin on things! It obviously ties into the title of the film, The Last Knight. I've been a fan of the King Arthur and Excalibur legend since I first heard the story as a kid. As much as I don't really care for this Transformers film franchise, the fact that the Arthur legend could play a part in this next movie intrigues me and sparks my interest. 

As far as some of the other characters go, Hound, Crosshairs, and Drift will be returning. They have settled on Earth and have made a home living in the Badlands of South Dakota, which will serve as their base of operations. The report also says that the Dinobots will be back with an addition of "mini-dinobots," whatever those will be.

There will also be three new Transformer characters, which are described as having English origins. One character is called The Creator, "who is said to have ties to the origins of the Transformers." There's another character with an English accent named Cogman, "whose alt-mode is an Astin Martin," and there's a Transformer named Squeaks who transforms into a Vespa. I guess there's a good chance that Anthony Hopkins could be voicing one of these characters, most likely The Creator.

So unfortunately, there's no mention of Unicron. Mark Wahlberg is back to reprise his role of Cade Yeager in the film, as is Josh Duhamel as Lt. Col William Lennox. 

That's all the information we have now, but we'll continue to keep you updated as more details are released. The Last Knight is set to open on June 23rd, 2017.

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