IP MAN 3 Will Use CGI Bruce Lee, Also Mike Tyson Joins Cast

The two previous Ip Man films are arguably Donnie Yen's best films. They really tread a line between fantastical wire work and a more grounded reality — either gets boring if it's tipped too much one way or the other. Ip Man 3 is starting up production and has cast Mike Tyson of all people.

THR reports on how this came to be:

"Two years ago Mike Tyson opened up a Weibo [the Chinese microblogging site] account and the first question he asked was, 'Who is the best fighter in China?'" Pegasus chairman and Ip Man 3 producer Raymond Wong told THR. "Someone answered him 'Donnie Yen,' and that gave me an idea. For the third installment in the Ip Man series, we want to have an explosive fight, and Mike Tyson versus Donnie Yen fits the bill."
Tyson said in a statement: "Who is the best boxer and kung fu master in China? Wait for me, I am coming. Thank you for introducing me to Chinese kung fu."

Tyson will play a property developer who is conveniently also a street fighter.

Ip Man popularized Wing Chun and had Bruce Lee as a pupil. We saw a very young Lee in the second film. Lee will be featured in the film at some point and reportedly, "the film's producers were unable to find an actor to portray Lee's intensity onscreen so have decided to use computer graphics to re-create the most authentic Lee in the film." This makes me wonder how old Lee and Man will be in this third film and if Lee will fight Tyson's character.

We posted a couple CGI Bruce Lee's in the past. The most impressive CGI rendering was directed by Joseph Kahn, who also directed the recent gritty Power Rangers fan film. I've attached both the commercial by Kahn and short film titled "A Warrior's Dream" that coincidentally has a CGI Lee and Yen fighting. The effects looking believable in Ip Man 3 is entirely up to the size of their budget and how and how much they use it.

H/T to /Film for pointing out the CGI Bruce Lee detail

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