Is Commissioner Gordon in BATMAN v SUPERMAN?

According to Batman on Film, Commissioner Jim Gordon might make an appearance in Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice. With Lois Lane, Perry White, Lex Luthor, Martha Kent, Cyborg, and Wonder Woman in the movie maybe Zack Snyder is trying to divide screen time between the auxiliaries of the title characters.

Batman and the Commissioner have a long history together, and if any of the story takes place in Gotham seeing him, however briefly, would make sense. We know Alfred Pennyworth, Batman's butler and former actor, medic, and spy, will be making appearance after Jeremy Irons was officially cast. A Dick Grayson appearance as Nightwing was rumored for a time, but more recent reports have not surfaced.

Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice will fight and hug it out May 6th, 2016 (USA).

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