It’s Okay For Fans To Find Faults in and Critique the Films That We Love

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It seems like a lot of fans these days are very sensitive in regards to the films and film franchises that they love. Marvel, DC, and Star Wars are all hot topics.

I totally get it! Some people just want to believe that the things they love are perfect. Each of these franchises have big and diverse fanbases, but heaven forbid someone come out and have an opinion pointing something out that they didn’t like, or an observation that some things in a film could have been better. 

I see time and time again people being bullied or harassed because of an opinion someone has or a critique on something that someone offers.

Just recently I shared a video breakdown that pointed out the bad CGI in Marvel films and how the VFX work in these films is now being overused. Someone on Facebook posted the following comment in regards to the post, “This article is everything wrong with fandom today.” And the fans jumped on the bandwagon of hate in regards to the article. 

What’s funny is that if anyone bothered to read the article or watch the video, they would have found that there is absolutely no hating on Marvel. In fact, the creator of the video is a huge fan of Marvel films and you all know that I’m a Marvel movie junkie! I love Marvel movies! But I’m willing to admit that they have faults.

Then there was my Aquaman review, where I clearly state that I enjoyed the movie. I thought it was fun! But a lot of fans jumped on my ass, especially on Facebook, when I pointed out that I thought the movie had a weak script. There was so much hate be spewed out! Did they not see that I liked the movie!?

These comments got me to thinking... it’s ok for fans to find faults in the movies they love, critique them, and offer constructive criticism. There’s nothing wrong with that. 

That’s what it is to be a movie geek! Movie geeks talk about movies, tear them apart and critique them! Before the Marvel VFX video was released I had conversations with my friends about how the visual effects in the Marvel films seemed to be getting worse, and wondered why they settled for what they ultimately used. 

Is it that some fans just want to ignore the fact that some of these films aren’t perfect? I’m sure someone will go off on me for writing this article, call me a Marvel hater, and tell me I’m everything that’s wrong with fandom today because I want to voice an option. 

If people don’t like my opinion... that’s cool. I expect that, and I’m totally open to hearing or reading another person’s outlook on things and engage in a respectful discussion and/or debate.

When I was growing up I was bullied and picked on because I was into all kinds of geeky things. Now that being a geek is “cool” and more and more people are into it, you’d think that we’d want to be respectful of one another and uplift and inspire each other instead of tearing each other down. It’s kinda sad to see geeks turning on each other. But I guess thanks to social media that’s just how things evolved.

I just wanted to say that it’s ok to have different opinions. It’s good for us to critique the things we love because maybe the creators will see that constructive criticism and make some changes, in the long run making the things we love even better! That’s not a bad thing! After all, we want to see these movie get better, not worse.

Also, nothing good comes from harassing or bullying those with an opinion or critique. Fans should be engaging in fun and productive conversations with each other. We all love geeky stuff! Let’s be friends and celebrate our fandom!

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