James Wan Explains That AQUAMAN Reshoots Are Nothing to Worry About and He Didn't Add a New Character

We, and many other news outlets, recently reported that James Wan's Aquaman was going through reshoots and that Randall Park was being added to the film as Dr. Shin as part of those reshoots. The director recently took to Twitter to explain why we shouldn't worry about these reshoots and says the new casting isn’t accurate. 

Reshoots are a normal part of the production of a film, especially one like this. It would also make a lot of sense that a character like Dr. Shin would be planned from the start. After all, with what little knowledge I have of the character, he plays a decently sized role. I do find it interesting though that Park was unable to film his scenes until now when the film is trying to finish post-production work and do reshoots so they can meet the deadline. That being said, Wan does seem like the kind of director who would rather measure twice and cut once, so maybe this was all planned for the best instead of rushing performances. We still don’t have a trailer for the film and Wan seems keen on making sure the movie is up to snuff before releasing one.

Aquaman will hit theaters on December 21, 2018.

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