Jane Levy Explains Why She Should be Batgirl

Often times when an actor is being considered for a role, people think long and hard about a number of factors. Does their scheduling work, do they look the part, are they a skilled actor, etc. Jane Levy has decided to make the decision as to who should play Barbara Gordon in the upcoming films. She sent out a tweet addressing fans who are saying she’s the right pick and here’s the comedic reason why Levy should be Batgirl.

This is a great tweet and I hope we get more of the rumored actors explaining why they should get the role in a similar fashion. Barbara Gordon is said to make her debut in the upcoming Birds of Prey film, although it appears she won't be dressing up for it. She is also expected to get her own solo movie, which Christina Hodson is writing.

Who would you like to see wear the cowl of Batgirl? I think as far as looks, Levy would be a perfect choice.

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